Friday, May 4, 2007

A Time To Be Inspired

There are many reasons that I love to run. The feeling of the runner's high. Easy days when I just explore our city. Hard track workouts on Tuesday night with the Cornbelt Track Club of Davenport, Ia. Long runs on Sunday mornings when my wife Johnna helps me with water stops. Running with my daughter Samantha. Going to races with my friends and the parties afterwards. And running just to be inspired.

Not many people know that I will go out and run when I have become frustrated with solving a problem. On these days I will leave the house frustrated and tense. As I run and the tension leaves my body my mind will enter a meditative state. Ideas will start entering my mind about how to solve the problem

Yesterday I was becoming frustrated with a technical issue with my computer. I left the house frustated about how to solve this problem. As I ran my body relaxed and my mind started to go through all the days events. Suddenly ideas about how fix the technical issues with my computer started presenting themselves. When I returned home I sat down and talked to my wife about how this happens when I run with things on my mind.

I came to realize how often that I do this. Thinking back I have done this quite a few times without even realizing that I was doing this. Give it a try when you are frustrated and can't seem to come up with a solution.

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