Sunday, April 22, 2007

Going Long on Sunday

What a beautiful morning to run. Spring weather is always welcome after the cold months of winter. This morning I left the house just as the sun was rising. Watching our town of Moline,IL come alive in the morning is always a time to enjoy. The birds were singing their praise for the beautiful morning.

Today I planned a 17-18 mile run. I started out at a moderate pace. By mile 9 I felt a bad patch coming on. My usual approach has been to take one gel every water stop. Today I got an idea to take two gels at the 9 mile stop. Within a mile my energy returned and I started feeling good. At mile twelve I returned to taking one gel. Things held together for the rest of my run. I finished by running a long hill that is on the Quad City Distance Classic course near the finish line. I finished my long run feeling really good. What a confidence builder for the race in three weeks.

Last week's Sunday long run did not turn out so successfully. Having a bad patch at mile 12 caused me to shorten the 18 miler that I had planned. By taking two gels when the bad patch occurred this week I feel that I solved the problem.

One thing to consider when taking two gels. Don't keep taking two gels at a time every water stop. The continuation of taking this many gels can cause stomach upset. Just use this strategy when a bad patch happens. And be sure to drink a little more water when you take two gels.

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