Monday, April 16, 2007

Endurance Sport Nutrition

I slept in Sunday morning. Woke up about 9 am, ate oatmeal with bananas and granola. I feel pretty good this morning. Going to go run about 1pm this afternoon. It is supposed to be sunny and 60 deg. A great afternoon for a 15 miler.

I think that the EAS race revovery helped with my recovery.

I drank about 64oz of water this morning. Had a banana and a waffel with honey for lunch, about 11 am. Before leaving the house I drank a litre bottle of Gatorade. Ready to go run.

Felt a little stiff during the first mile, other wise doing great. Going to consume 16oz of water and a power gel called double latte. Supposed to have 2 times the caffeine and 4 times the sodium. Going to stop at 5 miles and ten miles for water and gels.

Third stop at 12 miles for water and gel. Last leg along Mississippi River bike path. Feeling good for the first mile and then I my legs start to hurt and I feel a bad patch coming on. Next time I think I will try two gels and 16oz of water at the two hour mark.

Today my legs are sore from the race and long run. I am going to rest today. This morning I will use the foam roller to get the kinks out. This afternoon probably stretch and workout side a little.

Tomorrow going to the track to run 12 x 400 with a 200 jog for recovery. The forecast continues to be fantastic for running.


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